Who's Behind It's A Wanderful Life Brand

Who's Behind It's A Wanderful Life Brand

It's A Wanderful Life Brand is a small United States based business I run from my home in St. Petersburg, Florida and I love what I do!  Through my travels to our National Parks and Wilderness areas, I've been inspired by a community of people that love to wander.  My apparel and accessories are designed to reflect the many ways we connect with nature by hiking, camping and exploring the open road. 
I am a sole proprietor and I do it all from the marketing, sales, design to the packaging and shipping.  Every item is inspected personally by me, to insure you receive the highest quality product and backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

When I left a corporate job three years ago and started my new business, I knew it wasn't going to be easy.  I had never done anything like this before.  I have been faced with numerous challenges and a huge learning curve and at times wanted to call it quits, but my passion for hiking and the outdoors is what has fueled me and kept me going and It's A Wanderful Life.
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  • Deborah

    Good for you! We seem to be becoming a rare breed, us Outdoor Adventurers, so it was such a delight to find this page! Keep on keepin’ on; I will certainly pass the word about Wandering Life!

  • Tom

    You are an inspiration to me! Keep living the dream…

  • Alicia Luongo

    I’ve ordered three things from you and I love everything about the packaging , the quality , and your story. I’ll spread the word around and good luck to you !!!

  • Mike

    Glad to see you are following your dreams… Stick with It and you will find much success!

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